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Date Added:19 October, 2012

Author: Yaldex Software

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Free PopUp Maker is a handy application that will generate an HTML and Javascript code you need to open a URL in a new window. Pop-ups, useful for displaying extra information, instructions, form filling or for opening larger images from thumbnails, are used for more reasons than advertising. This pop-up creation program provides additional scripts and tools, including a mini HTML editor, making it easier for you to create your own pop-up windows. From the application's single window interface, you can create pop-up windows to the exact specifications that will meet your requirements, and by making a few simple choices in the options menu you can control how your pop-up windows will look like. For example, if you want a basic window with no tool, navigation, menu or scroll bars, you simply enter the width and height of your window, its position, and deselect all of the other pop-up options. If you would prefer your pop-up window to display exactly like the window that opened it, this outcome will happen automatically in Free PopUp Maker as long as no attributes are specified. Other features of the program include a choice of launch method and its timing, which is adjustable, full screen and auto center position and pop-up window closure and timing. Once you've complete the customization of your settings, you can build and test your pop-up window with just a click of your mouse.

Systems: Windows

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